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The history of Orenburgneft PJSC began in February 1963.

Today, Orenburgneft PJSC and its subsidiaries have production facilities in 4 entities of the Russian Federation (Orenburg, Samara, Saratov regions and the Republic of Bashkortostan), and 26 municipalities.  Orenburgneft PJSC is the largest company in the Orenburg Region. Since 2013, the company has been operating as part of PJSC NK Rosneft.

The structure of Orenburgneft PJSC includes the Zaikinsk gas processing plant (ZGPP), Slobodskoye LLC, Jupiter LLC, Inzerneft JSC, and Buguruslanneft LLC, the oldest oil producing company in the region.  There are 130 licensed sites and 153 fields on the balance sheet of the company.  The cumulative production level of Orenburgneft PJSC and its subsidiaries is 571 million tons. Reserves recovery degree: 56.8%.

More than half of all proved reserves are concentrated in 7 largest fields: Sorochinsko-Nikolskoye, Pokrovskoye, Garshinskoye, Rostashinskoye, Zagorskoye, Bobrovskoye and Olkhovskoye.

To maintain the production level, Orenburgneft PJSC pays much attention to replenishing the resource base. For these purposes, modern methods of prospecting and exploration of fields are applied in the Orenburg, Saratov and Samara regions:

- scientific survey and regional work is performed to summarize the available information and identify new types of deposits and the patterns of their distribution;

- high-resolution 3D seismic exploration on acquired and existing fields, up to 200 sq. km. annually;

- exploration and appraisal drilling: 6-12 wells annually, search for missed deposits and additional exploration of old fields.

In the Orenburg region, a large-scale program is being implemented to achieve the target gas utilization level (95%) at the fields of the Orenburg asset. In total, for the period of program implementation:

 - 11 GCSs with a total capacity of more than 700 million m3 per year were built;

 - more than 300 km of gas pipelines were built;

 - the Pokrovskaya CGTU with a capacity of 450 million m3 per year was commissioned;

 - The second stage of the Zaykinsky GPP with a capacity of 1.1 billion m3 per year with a railway terminal was put into operation (current capacity is 2.2 billion m3 per year).

In 2015, the gas utilization rate for the Orenburg Region was 84%.


In 2013, Orenburgneft PJSC became part of NK Rosneft.


According to the results of 2012, the company produced more than 20 million tons of oil, 3.4 billion cubic meters of gas in the region. The increase in oil production is achieved due to the commissioning of new oil fields and  deposits within the developed areas, using alternative methods and new technologies to impact productive reservoirs in combination with optimization of oil production. 

The increase in oil and condensate reserves of industrial categories reached 41.847 million tons (206.67% of the current production level)  in 2012.


Since 2005, Orenburgneft OJSC has been implementing the Gas program in the Orenburg Region to gradually increase the level of useful application of associated gas. Within the framework of the program, the existing gas pipelines and gas compressor stations are being revamped and new ones are being built; the second stage of the Zaykinsky gas processing plant with an annual capacity of 1.1 billion cubic meters and railway terminal at the Tyulpan station has been launched; and the Pokrovskaya CGTU with an annual capacity of 450 million cubic meters of gas commissioned.


In 1995, the government of the Russian Federation issued a decree founding the ONAKO oil company in the Orenburg Region, which included Orenburgneft as its main production entity.


The Orenburgneft Production Association was established on February 19, 1963; in 1993, it was transformed into the joint-stock company of the same name.